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Shareef Jackson returns to tell us how he makes Math Look Good & more

Episode Summary

Shareef talked up his new venture, Math Looks Good as well as discussing race in games, hip hop and coding, podcast flubs and more with our EIC Tanya

Episode Notes

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Article: The Sin of Mainstream Videogames - Gamasutra

Questions for Shareef:

@TimpoAdante: What's one of the most common misconceptions you have to teach past when tutoring math?

What is the most fun you've had making a gaming looks good video?

@GarrickWinter: What relationship do you see between different games genres and efforts to foster diversity and inclusion?

Have you ever had any especially funny bloopers while recording podcasts?

@GeekMelange: How did he come up with the idea for the math tutoring service he's started? How long did it take to go from planning to implementation?

Does he have a favorite novelization/novel tie-in for a game?

@Nebula63: Can you talk about links between music and math? How did you come up w using hip hop to help learn coding?

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Shareef: Super Mario Run, Watch Dogs 2, I Expect You To Die, Superhot VR, The Climb

Tanya: Mafia III, Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs 2

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @ShareefJackson

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