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Chris Spivey brings us a Darker Hue

Episode Summary

We spoke with Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios about his upcoming Kickstarter for Harlem Renaissance, diversity or the lack of it in tabletop, being a mystery man of many NDA's and more!

Episode Notes

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Listener questions for Chris:

@JamieJeans: Where do you feel modern games fail at including and discussing racism and diversity?

@TimpoAdante: With projects spanning most of 1900-1950, are there certain settings that work better for Lovecraftian horror?

Who are some of your favorite horror storytellers?

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Chris: Fallout 4, Skyrim SE, Mafia III

Tanya: Final Fantasy XV

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @Darker_Hue

Mu Podcast -Chris Spivey International Man of Many NDA's

Darker Hue on Google+

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