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Mafia III Special Edition - A conversation with Charles Webb

Episode Summary

Listen in as EIC Tanya sits down with Senior Black Writer Charles Webb about Mafia III, race in games and more in this special, collectors edition of Fresh Out of Tokens

Episode Notes

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Our questions for Charles:

Tell us a little bit about you, who you are, what you do?

What’s your gaming origin story?

I love that you have Senior Black Writer in your twitter bio. Is there a story behind that?

So Mafia III, and Lincoln Clay. How did you get involved with the game?

Is there any of you in Lincoln and how he’s written?

The game does not flinch from racism, how hard did you (and the team) have to push to get this to happen?

Do you think other games will start to address racism rather than half-stepping around it as they usually do?

There’s a mission in the game where you have to get blackmail material on a rival. Turns out he’s making gay porn. That seems really high risk for the time period the game is set in. Why make the blackmail material about being gay? Why not something else?

There’s been an “interesting” disparity in reviews of the game. I’ve noticed a lot of white reviewers noting they feel fatigued by all the racism, and don’t understand why it’s there. Did you expect once reviews started dropping?

Will the blunt way racism is presented in the main game continue with future content for Mafia III?

Do you find that trying to have discussions about race and racism in games tiring, especially with all the pushback from people who can’t understand why this is important?

We’re seeing more black male leads in games finally. Do you think Mafia III and other games are a turning point for more representation?

Aside from being senior black writer, what’s next for you? (that you can talk about of course)

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Charles: Nothing right now, small human and working on Mafia III DLC is taking all his time.

Tanya: Mafia III, CIV VI, Skyrim Special Edition

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @TheCharlesWebb

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