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Games Critique as POC Re-release

Episode Summary

Re-release of our Games Critique as POC Re-release with mildly improved audio quality. Trigger Warnings for this episode: We will be frank in regard to race, racism, transphobia, hatred and threats our guests have received for writing about games. Games critique is always risky especially given the way some people react to in-depth crit of their favorite games. Add a +20 difficulty modifier if you're a POC [Person of Color] who speaks up on gaming's issues. We're lucky enough to have Katherine Cross, Tauriq Moosa and Austin Walker with us to discuss this topic.

Episode Notes

Original Shownotes:

Our fabulous guests! Katherine Cross, our dapper scholastic games critiquer extraordinaire whose work appears in Feministing and Gamasutra, next we have Tauriq Moosa, who loves the Witcher 3 while giving it a critical side eye, is wicked smart and writes for Polygon, Guardian, Daily Beast, Mary Sue, an and quite a few other places. Last but certainly not least, we have Austin Walker, who recently joined Giant Bomb, congrats on the newish gig! Apologies in advance for some audio issues. Technology turned on us mid-recording so there's been some editorial finagling done to bring you this episode.


Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust,and Gaming's Race Problem - Tauriq in Polygon

More On Race, More on Witcher and how to Move Forward - Austin, Giant Bomb

Witcher 3, Race and Histriocity - Austin, Giant Bomb

Opinion: Finding Meaning in Darkest Dungeon’s Narrative Design - Katherine Cross, Gamasutra

GDC 2015 #1 Reason to Be - Katherine Cross

Rust Dev Blog on randomly Assigned race in Rust - Garry Newman

Rust Game - Penis size randomly assigned, tied to your Steam Profile - Nerdist NSFW

POC in gaming critique that people should be reading, listening to and hiring to write?

Gita Jackson (Paste Games & Match 3 Podcast)

Evan Narcisse (Kotaku)

Sidney Fussel (@Sangfroid_San/

Patricia Hernandez (Kotaku)

Shareef Jackson #GamingLooksGood (Youtube, Twitch, Twitter)

Spawn On Me (Cicero Holmes & Kahlief Adams)

Leigh Alexander (Offworld)

Imran Khan (Paste)

Mike Williams (US Gamer)

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Katherine Cross: Twitter = @Quinnae_Moon

Austin Walker: Austin on Giant Bomb! Twitter = @Austin_walker

Tauriq Moosa: is back on twitter, @tauriqmoosa

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