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Brooklyn Gamery and #BlackGameDev For the Win

Episode Summary

We welcome Catt Small, Chris Algoo and Dennis Liaw to talk about BrooklynGamery, and Arthur Ward to talk about #BlackGameDev and Our next episode will have the one and only Gita Jackson of Paste Games!

Episode Notes

We welcome Catt Small, Chris Algoo and Dennis Liaw to talk about Brooklyn Gamery, along with Arthur Ward to talk about #BlackGameDev and

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Notes for this week's topic:

Shawn Alexander started the hashtag #BlackGameDev, and since we recorded has launched a diversity consulting business for Indie Devs

Black Game Devs listing

Gaming news:

1TB PS4 announced. Thoughts on this since you could already upgrade the hard drive in the PS4 since launch?

Tale of Tales shutting down after Sunset - can “artistic” games be commercially viable?

Arkham Knight PC sales suspended - who’s more to blame? WB (publisher), Iron Galaxy (dev), or people that pre-order

Catt Small's Offworld Piece on Developing A Black Woman Protagonist That Mattered for Prism Shell

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